Nicotine Romance

Photo credit: Morgacito via / CC BY-NC

Hi, it’s me.

I’m….I’m OK….

Actually I’m doing well. Things are looking up.

I just wanted to say that I miss you.

This whole thing hasn’t been nearly as hard as I thought it would be, but I still do miss you.

I remember our first encounter. What was that like 15 years ago?! Wow….whoever said that time fly’s wasn’t lying. I was so stressed out that night. Funny now that I think of it, because what could I possibly have been so stressed over at that age? Ah I was young. What did I know? 

Anyways- you hung around with my manager at the time…I can’t think of his name, but he was the one who introduced us that day. Something about you instantly put me at ease and within moments I was entranced by your presence. It didn’t take long to realize that we’d be friends for awhile.

And we were.

I often looked forward to our times together….coffee meet ups, road trips, after dinner affairs. Soon nothing seemed complete without you there to share it with. It seems silly now, but I became dependent on you, so much so that I would panic if you weren’t around. Luckily you were never hard to find.

Reliable, consistent, comforting.

Those are rare qualities that I once appreciated about you.

No no…I don’t want to get together. I’m not strong enough. Through this adjustment I may feel the urge to run to you, but please don’t misunderstand…you are no good for me.

You don’t fit in my life anymore.

Things have changed. I am changing.

And lets be honest- our relationship was toxic and unhealthy. You were slowing me down. You can understand that, right?

It’s not that I’m trading you in for the Marlboro man! I just can not ignore that our relationship was killing me. I can not enjoy the freedom that comes with living in the moment while clenched in the tight grip you had on me. 

So this is it.

The final farewell in our nicotine romance. 

Goodbye, American Spirits…the orange pack.

I’m delighted to say that you will not be a character in my next chapter.


Shine on, friends. Xx

Ok so listen….I’ve had this song running through my head the last few days whenever I would think about having a cig. Soooo I pulled up the video for old times sake and ya know what?! This jam still kicks ass! Don’t agree? Then I challenge you to take a blast to the past and watch it below….just TRY to not dance a little!


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