Yoga in Chinatown

I have wanted to take yoga classes for awhile now, but a few things needed to happen first….

  1. Find Energy – Wherever it was hiding I needed to find and catch it, so I could use it on my day off instead of checking my bed for peas.
  2. Find classes that were convenient and affordable – Maybe this isn’t such a feat as I’m surrounded by tons of opportunity for the healing arts, but without checking off #1 I wasn’t doing much searching.
  3. Find confidence – Regardless of what some people experience, beginning any type of classroom activity can be hella intimidating. giphy-16Especially one that requires more flexibility than a potato. 

Recent dietary changes (more about that here) and my long overdue break-up with American Spirits the orange pack (catch up on that here) have delivered me into the healthiest I’ve ever been! Shedding weight physically and emotionally has brought welcomed energy along with the motivation to jump into warrior pose!

So where does this girl on a budget go that’s close to home? Call it coincidence, but it just so happens that I rode a wave right on into the perfect opportunity! Turns out one of my co-workers is a Yoga instructor!

Vee is a young, artistic, spunky soul who loves to laugh and exudes a bright peaceful energy- which is why me and the girls at work were thrilled when she told us about starting a weekly donation based class. She was nervous, but knew this would be a great way to work on her craft and begin to build her following. I was so down to support her and even though she assured me her style was great for beginners…I was a little worried the class would be too intense.


It’s not like I’ve never tried it before. There’s been a few times I’ve loaded up a “beginners” YouTube video to practice in the privacy of my bedroom where only after 10 minutes I would assume the corpse position and finish out the rest of the video on my back (maybe napping maybe not)… still counts, right?


Then one time my very athletic sister asked me to join her for a yogalates class. As if yoga and pilates are not challenging enough separately, some masochist combined them so people who obviously don’t encounter stairs, sit to pee, or lift anything heavier than a Q-tip can enjoy. I did not know this at the time and while I hesitated at first, what real excuse did I have to say no? She signed us up for a “beginners” class the next morning.

BEGINNING CLASS FOR WHAT?? Admission to HELL?? Oh boy was it brutal! It’s a good thing I blacked out from pain half way through it, or else I might not have been able to finish the class.

Vee doubly assured me that it wouldn’t be too difficult. “It’s about quieting the mind, strengthening the body and listening to the soul.” Perfect! This will be a wonderful addition to Sunday funday!


photostudio_1479077789831The studio space is in the Chinatown Central Plaza and yes that IS an unlikely place to go for a yoga class, but even more the reason since I hadn’t explored it yet. I arrived a little later than I would’ve liked (shocker) so I hurried through the courtyard and made my way to the purple door as Vee had described.


 I couldn’t help but think I had walked onto a movie set!

Actually – Los Angeles Chinatown has made many on screen debuts- including Rush Hour which is still one of my favorite movies.

Lucky Wishing Well

The room was up a short set of stairs and overlooked the lucky wishing well fountain.

The beautiful Vee!


The space was colorful and inviting and I instantly felt welcome! Vee was a fantastic instructor and I left feeling powerful, relaxed and peaceful. 

giphy-15Not gonna lie- I was sore for 3 days afterwards, but the good kind of sore….not the “I’ll never be able to get up off this toilet” kind of sore- You know what I’m talking about. 

The iconic Hop Louie

I stuck around afterwards to explore a little. The buildings are so neat! photostudio_1479078851061 photostudio_1479077933619I wandered in and out of a few shops and sat by the fountain while waiting to see what brave child might actually take a ride on the Spongebob nightmare….there were no takers.

Who did this??

Later on I shared the details of my day with Matthew. He is always willing to listen in on my escapades, but he stopped me after a few minutes to remind me that I had already visited Chinatown. Huh? Apparently we went to an afterhours party there last year. No wonder I don’t remember! There’s little that goes on in the nightlife scene after 2am that doesn’t end up a foggy memory.

I laughed as I began to piece that night together in my head and think of how I spent most of last year discovering the underbelly of Hollywood called “afterhours”. One day I’ll share my stories of the fun, twisted, sexy, and dangerous adventures of the afterhours life- it was a wild ride!

But as for today, Yoga in Chinatown stands in huge contrast to that life and is a pleasant reminder of the personal growth I’ve worked hard for this past year. 

Looking forward to this weeks Yoga class!

Shine on, friends! Xx


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