“Spread Love & Light”

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President Donald Trump?

Nope- still can’t comprehend. My brains auto correct mechanism glitches out if I think about what has happened for too long.

I’m still struggling to make sense of it all?

When I heard that Trump won I felt the same as I did after watching the 1st season finale of Game of Thrones-giphy-17

ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN and the only thing certain is uncertainty. This years presidential election has been fascinating to follow really, but then I remember that America is not a poorly produced reality TV series and WE HAVE IN FACT VOTED (have we?) our next Commander and Chief to be this classy gent… 

giphy (19).gif
*Not actually Donald Trump


I lied. One thing is certainly certain- we are severely disconnected from one another.

This is not OK.

The MAJORITY of us are disenfranchised not just the minorities and we need to find our way back into one another’s lives. We need to throw empathy and compassion at each other over insults and judgement.

My friend Priscella posted some thoughts on her blog recently regarding the election results and I like what she has to say, so I want to share it with y’all-

 Spread Love and Light

I haven’t been able to properly voice my feelings these past few weeks. On one end I feel as though my heart has lost some hope in humanity. The trailing backwards is as evident now as it has been before, there’s only a matter of time before we somehow lose our progression entirely. But then I remember that progress is not always a straight line forward, it’s almost like an arrow, being sprung back in order to go forward again but with more power.

It takes a lot of energy to be understanding and take hits and still continue with poise; That is why I think my peers, family, and myself are so emotionally exhausted. The dejavú of institutional racism being so alive in our country and society has brought clarity into the eyes of those who were once passive. My heart drags on for my fellow POC, constantly being a target to the “man”, never left to our own devices. Under the microscope of the government we are forced to do, eat, and drink what they give, like lab rats.

This is why I think in times like these it is vital that we stay connected. As Roger Water wrote in one of my favorite Pink Floyd songs “together we stand, divided we fall”. This is a time to teach and share our knowledge and feelings, to not lose hope, channel our anger into good and fight for humanity to stay sane. Let us not forget that those bigots we are constantly trying to prove our existence to are from birth conditioned to think this way. If one must continue to argue to get the point across that we should be able to coexist then so be it, as ridiculous as it sounds. Why can’t we coexist? My mind is boggled by how ego driven humans are.

With that being said, I love you. Don’t forget to reflect on yourself, your surroundings, and situation. I am sorry that we are a wounded earth beyond repair, but you can make a difference. This is not the first or last time we face a struggle and the hardest part is just getting through. – Priscella via Mujer Apasionada


Priscella (or Peep as I coined her because she’s sweet, adorable, and little like those cute marshmallow Easter favoritesis only 20yrs old, but shes already experienced a lot of shit in her personal life and instead of letting it define her- she has risen above it. She has chosen not to live in anger and disappointment, but rather acceptance and surrender.

*Not actually Priscella

Those are powerful attributes!

If Peep and her words stand as any indication of the rest of her generation then the future is bright.




I believe the answer is so simple that many miss or dismiss it all together.

I will echo Peep’s sentiment above and join in saying that I also love you.

Whatever color, size, class, or ideology you belong to- I fucking love you.

For no other reason than the fact that you, like me, have no real idea what the hell is going on anyway….admittedly or not 😉

Shine on, friends. Xx

*Actually Peep

To learn more about Priscella and her writings please do yourself an enlightening favor and follow her blog Mujer Apasionada 


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