Living Resolution

Happy New Year!

Hopefully your celebrations left you renewed and healthy! Of course there’s nothing wrong with taking the next few days to nurse a hangover while you shamefully try to scrub your brain of the previous night’s indiscretions.

Just don’t beat yourself up to bad!

giphyMy night was somewhat low key. I gathered at my friend Chef Fancy’s house with my boyfriend for a few epic games of Jenga before we were led up to the roof of the apartment building to reveal a spectacular panoramic view of Hollywood! The first few moments into 2017 were spent atop the one and only tinsel town gazing at the twinkling skyline from downtown to the westside as brilliantly colored fireworks draped the black canvas and sparkled down like glitter. It really was a breathtaking sight! At one point I was convinced that we were inside one of those snow globes that every bargain chotchkie shop sells down the blvd.

Did I mention that an hour previously we had each eaten a gummy bear graced with LSD? Yup that happened.

I said my night was “somewhat” low-key.

Although we hardly had begun our tra la la into wonderland the visual enhancements Lucy brought were truly amazing! And boy did it get wild from there because giphyafterwards we strapped ourselves in to watch all 11 episodes of BBC’s Planet Earth on Fancy’s 60” latest-greatest-high-tech-super-duper flat screen tv. 

The series does a bang up job of intimately capturing some of this worlds insane existence. Nature is already anything less than astonishing, but when you witness the great Sierra Redwoods extend out from the television screen and ants the size of people waltz through the living room it changes the entire viewing experience….for the positive!

The night also came with lots of laughter, connectivity, and troubleshooting of personal issues. This wasn’t my first rodeo and typically my favorite part is when the opportunity arises for my brain to tackle questions with a new perspective.

Bleep Boop

 The answers don’t all find their way in that moment, but dissecting a thought in a way you may not have otherwise allows better and deeper contemplation when you revisit it in the days to follow. I believe the term is called ‘unpacking from the trip’ which I’m still working on.


For those of you Judgy Mcjudgers who may be concerned by my mention of LSD then let me quickly share the fact that it is the most researched psychedelic to date, is non-addictive, is not known to cause brain damage, and has an extremely low toxicity relative to dose. There are few physical side effects associated with acute LSD exposure. Various studies have shown that in reasonable doses in a careful context, it presents no negative cognitive, psychiatric or toxic physical consequences of any sort. (

This is literally a brain on drugs and quite frankly it looks nothing like a fried egg. Click here to learn what science has to say.

Yeppers it’s time I come out of the psychedelic closet and declare my advocacy of psychedelic rights.


With any mind altering substance respect and responsibility are mandatory. Misinformation has been floating around since the 1960’s making it difficult to have a worthwhile conversation, so don’t be ignorant and before you go spreading unsubstantiated rumors about the supposed horrors, educate yourself via reputable sources.

This is a very exciting time because In the last decade, psychedelic research has been ignited once again, as the government has begun approving controlled clinical trials! One remarkable organization leading the charge is The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies ( They are a non-profit research and educational organization (since 1986) that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics and marijuana. Visit their website If you’re interested in learning more about the latest happenings.


Overall it was an enlightening experience spent with people I adore.

As far as setting any New Year’s resolutions for myself?

I make goals all year long and some I break only to make again, so for myself I don’t see any real importance in taking time at the first of the year to do this. But a few weeks ago I came across a definition of the word resolution as it’s used in music.


“The passing of a discord into a concord during the course of changing harmony.”

This really spoke to me.

I’ve spent some hard time in discord over the past few years. After finding focus, unloading toxic friends and ditching bad habits, for now, the chaos has subsided. The transition wasn’t pretty, as change and growth rarely are, but then I suppose this beautiful concord I’ve reached wouldn’t seem as sweet if it was.


If anyone is stuck in discord then I want to encourage you to hold on, keep working hard, stay positive and remember that you’re in the process of changing.

This is your resolution.

It’s only temporary and necessary as you pass into a new harmony.

Shine on, friends. Xx



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