What’s this all about?


My name is Katie May and I’m thrilled to share my passion project with y’all!

A quick backstory…

I grew up in Ohio, married the first guy I had ever been with, then moved to Hollywood, CA in search of opportunity and adventure.

Holy shit did I find it.

Can I just say that Hollywood is one helluva teacher?

It only took a few years to unlearn what growing up in a small, Midwestern town will teach you. The world was sooooo much bigger then I had known! My perspective, values, opinions all started to shift. The more I assessed my situation in life at that time, the stronger my longing for something different grew. I could no longer deny my discontent and made the scariest decision of my life.

In true Katie May fashion I wasted no time contemplating some sort of strategy, or devising a plan. Without much direction and like a bat outta hell I left my husband to find what I was looking for.

I figured I’d know what it was once I found it.

While there was no shortage of adventures, I was having a hard time finding exactly what it was that I was looking for.

This was because what I needed to be searching for was not just some thing. I needed to be looking for some one. Someone who would make me feel whole….someone who would complete me.

And I did.

<spoiler alert>

It was ME!

It stung to admit it, but I was completely disconnected from myself, understood little about nourishing my soul, and I wasn’t truly happy. So, I began to discover and nurture the most important person in my life.

Montage <montage> Struggle; debauchery; heartbreak; debauchery; honesty; self awareness; probably some more debauchery; trial & error; epic self-realization aaaannnd…

Cut to present day where I have learned that happiness lies within. How profound!

Not really. You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard that line before, but it certainly took longer then it should have to translate what that meant.

Oh how my mama’s words swooped in and echoed loudly in my mind, “Garbage in, Garbage out!”  (No need to call, mother. I’ll go ahead and remind myself how you’re always right).

When I daily practice self love and incorporate things that positively effect my mind, body, & soul, I feel great and can be a positive influence to the people in my life.

Gotta let your soul shine!

But what is Soulshine exactly?

Its not a real thing, so who knows? I like to think of it as another way to describe someone’s positive ‘vibes’, or energy.

You know that feeling…

Maybe you had a good night’s sleep , or no sleep, but a good night (wink wink). Maybe you’re feeling light, having a great hair day, or strutting a new outfit? Maybe you had time to hit the gym, read a few chapters of the latest best seller, or catch a yoga class before work?

Whatever the cause you just feel happy.

More of that please!

Easy right?


Turns out it can be pretty f’ing hard.

BUT once you accept that you’re worth it, the process of self discovery is super enlightening.

Everyone is different and there are TONS of ways to nourish the soul. I want to share my experiences, thoughts, struggles, the good, the bad, and the ugly of what makes mine shine bright.

All in the hopes that you might find something here that uplifts and inspires you wherever you’re at on your journey.

Allman Brothers said it best:

“Gotta let your soulshine, it’s better than sunshine…damn sure better than rain”.

If you haven’t heard it yet, you can check it out here:

I recommend adding it to your favorite playlist so it can randomly ‘awesome up’ your day when it comes on.

The truth is that life will never not be hard at times, and that’s OK. If we keep ourselves open to learning new things, if we never stop discovering, and if we own the right to be wrong then the easier it will be to dig out of the shit pile that will inevitably bury us once in awhile.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the site and stay connected as it blossoms into whatever its supposed to be.

Shine on, friends. Xx